Get a Ticket to Ride at the Museum of Liverpool

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Visitors immerse themselves in the Ticket to Ride display. Visitors immerse themselves in the Ticket to Ride display. Ticket to Ride kicks off Mencap Liverpool's Learning Disability Week events at the Museum of Liverpool. Hailey Wood, Project Co-odinator at Mencap Liverpool comments on the interactive display in the first of a series of special blogs. "Monday 15 June is an exciting day for everyone at Mencap Liverpool. Ticket to Ride is an immersive, sensory experience that allows people to see, hear and feel what a journey is like from the perspective of another person. It is staged inside a ‘Pod’ that has a bus chair and ‘window’ to watch the videos on. The display has three, two minute videos of people with a learning disability using public transport and sharing some of their experiences. The people in the videos have each received Travel Training from Mencap Liverpool to enable them to access a community they had been cut off from due to low confidence or from being victimised in the past. The participants wanted to share what it is like for someone with a learning disability when they are using public transport, to hopefully raise awareness of some of the challenges and barriers they face. Mencap Liverpool had a great success with Ticket to Ride when it was in Liverpool Lime Street for a Learning Disability Week 2013. Commuters were really intrigued by the experience with one person saying, “[it’s] interesting to see other peoples perspective of everyday journeys… sounds like the journey requires a lot of concentration” and another saying; “what a great experience, it was actually like being on a bus”. Lots of people said that the experience had challenged their perceptions and that is what we want to continue to do. We are so excited to have the opportunity to give visitors to the Museum of Liverpool a unique experience that challenges their perceptions and encourages them to find out more about learning disability and its impact on day-to-day life. All of the volunteers at the Museum of Liverpool are members of Mencap Liverpool, they will be sharing their personal experiences along with the videos in Ticket to Ride. We're on the 1st Floor of the Museum of Liverpool, so please do come along and enjoy a unique and interesting experience at Ticket to Ride." Special thanks go to the Museum of Liverpool, MakingSense CIC (a community interest company that creates sensory experiences) and Arts Council Funding.