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Visitors at the Transparency exhibition. Visitors at the Transparency exhibition. Transparency, the new exhibition here at the Walker Art Gallery is showing how artists in the past and present have used transparent materials, forms and ideas about transparency to explore how we see and experience the world. In the exhibition’s resource area we’ve been asking visitors to tell us how the exhibition inspired them. Now, we want to go a step further and see how transparency has influenced your art. This week we are launching Transpired - an online project showcasing artworks revolving around the theme of transparency, inspired by the Transparency exhibition. This project is an open call to anyone who wants to be involved – amateur artist or professional! Perhaps you were inspired by the ethereal photography of Wolfgang Tillmans, the geometric sculpture of Camilla Løw, the architecture of Emily Speed’s installation or the ingenuity of Damien Hirst. We want to see how art can bring people together under a single theme. If you want to be included in our online gallery, then get in touch with us via Twitter or message us on Facebook with your name, the name of your artwork and a little about how it engages the theme of transparency or what inspired you in the exhibition. Image I of 'Dissapearing, Dissolving' by Phoebe Jane Barrett Image I of 'Disappearing, Dissolving' by Phoebe Jane Barrett Phoebe Jane Barrett is a Liverpool based photographer who submitted her triptych photograph 'Disappearing,Dissolving'

‘My self-portraiture work often contains themes surrounding transparency and this particular work was created in response to feelings of alienation and isolation. The use of double exposure is a way of transmuting those feelings into a physical, tangible thing, with the ethereal quality representing the feeling of not quite belonging. A sense of fragmentation’

My Baby Orb by Catrin Perry My Baby Orb by Catrin Perry Student artist Catrin Perry was recently involved in an intervention at the Walker Art Gallery and was inspired by the theme of transparency in her work My Baby Orb.

'My Baby Orb is the idea of an organic form that has a life-like quality in its movement. It was created to be unexplainable to the viewer, radiate warmth and give a child-like playfulness to provide a way to objectify feelings of safeness and joy instinctively in the viewer.'

Transparency runs at the Walker Art Gallery until 18 June - so there's still plenty of time to get inspired! Visit the Transpired webpage for more information and to see the full gallery of submissions. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get in touch.