Getting to know the Ancient Greeks

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Here's Education Demonstrator Angelica Vanasse to tell us about some of the fun school sessions that have been going on over the past few weeks at the Walker...

Children dressed up in costume at the gallery

Pupils from St Monica's have fun learning about Greek mythology.

St Monica's RC Primary School visited the Walker Art Gallery last month to learn about Greek mythology.  We looked at the painting 'Atlanta and Meleaga' by Charles Le Brun, which shows the legendary Caledonian boar hunt, as part of our introduction. Telling the tales behind the character’s lives and the story of the hunt, we discovered lots about the mythology behind the painting. 

The pupils then had a go at re-writing the myth and voted on their favourite 'reworked' lines. We were lucky enough to have a talented actor and actress in each class to act out the script in our marvellous costumes!  These budding experts in Greek mythology then took to the gallery to hunt down the facts using Greek myths trail. As part of their trip, they also got up close with ancient Greek artefacts at the World Museum.  

We were delighted to have them visit and quite impressed with their acting, too! For more information on this session and our fantastic schools offer, check out the education and communities site.