A gift of coffins from 130 years ago

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nest of coffins

Ditamunpaseneb's nest of coffins from the Saite Period (664 - 525 BC)

World Museum’s great Egyptology collection was created through the generosity of many people, ranging from a Liverpool goldsmith to a peer of the realm. It is 130 years to the day that this nest of 2 coffins arrived in Liverpool. They were given as a gift to the museum by the 8th Earl of Denbigh on 24 November 1881. He had inherited the set from his father-in-law, David Pennant, who had acquired them from his wife’s family, the Spencer-Churchills of Blenheim Palace.


The coffins were made for a lady called Ditamunpaseneb who lived in Thebes in about 664 - 525 BC. She was married to Namunekhamun and was the daughter of a priest called Yufa. Her mummy arrived in the museum with her 2 coffins but unfortunately it may have been the mummy unwrapped by the director of the museum on 30 March 1903 and since the museum was bombed on 3 May 1941 it remains untraced.