Give it some welly

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women making rubber boots in a factory

Detail of Stewart Bale Ltd photograph of Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd factory in Walton, reference 4064-2

When I looked out at the rain this morning I did wonder if I should stay at home and build an ark rather than come into work, the downpour did have a bit of a biblical feel about it. It's days like these when I really wish I had a pair of wellies. Nothing too fancy, just a really bling pair with sparkly letters like the ones that Dame Shirley Bassey wore at Glastonbury will do.

The latest Stewart Bale online exhibition, on the subject of work, includes a photograph of the local Dunlop Rubber Co Ltd factory that had made rubber boots and shoes since the turn of the last century. In 1940, when this picture was taken, the factory was using what was probably cutting edge technology in this field at the time. No bling, but there was a war on at the time. It's a great photo, all the lines of boots hanging on the production line look like a strange contraption out of a Wallace and Gromit film. You can zoom in to see every detail with on the Dunlop factory zoomify page.

Other images in the online exhibition include the construction of the Queensway Tunnel and the Mauretania II being built at Cammell Laird shipyard.