Giving in your will

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Kathryn in the Walker Art Gallery Kathryn, enjoying her favourite painting in the Walker Art Gallery Recently, I was lucky enough to meet Kathryn, pictured here, who as well as working for the NHS is also a member of National Museums Liverpool. Kathryn loves art, particularly medieval art, and wants it to be looked after for others to enjoy.  She is so passionate about this that she has decided to give a financial gift in her will towards the conservation of artworks at the Walker Art Gallery.  We wanted to know more about why she has chosen to do this, so we invited her to see behind the scenes in our paintings conservation department. Kathryn talked animatedly about the paintings that she loves in the Walker Art Gallery and how important it is for these paintings to be looked after. Our paintings conservators look after the condition of artworks in our collection as best they can, with so many paintings, it’s no small task.For Kathryn, meeting our conservators and seeing them hard at work was like being a “kid in a sweetie shop”! She said that it had really underlined to her that giving money towards conserving these art works was absolutely the right thing to do. I found it inspiring to meet Kathryn and hear about her enthusiasm for conserving the paintings she loves. When I asked her about why she’d decided to leave a gift in her will, she said “it’s a painless way to give and I can afford to give so much more in death than I can in life.” I had never thought about it in that way, so it was a real eye-opener to me, and certainly food for thought. Our museums and galleries might not be the most obvious charity of choice to everyone, but giving financial support to our museums is important for our cultural heritage,  giving both children and adults direct opportunities to learn about the past and present through our collections and activities. It doesn’t matter how big or small a gift is, but every penny helps. We captured Kathryn on camera and made this video for you to watch. It made me think, and it might make you think too.  If you're interested, find out more about leaving a gift in your will or call our Fundraising Manager on 0151 478 4734.