Global Scouse Day

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Image showing a bowl of Scouse Our Head Chef Ben's beautiful Scouse Scouse is our city's traditional dish. A stew often made with lamb, beef, or both, it originates from the word 'lobscouse', which was a stew often eaten by sailors throughout Northern Europe, popular in port cities such as Liverpool.  By association, Liverpudlians are known as Scousers, and many have their own special recipies for this delicious Liverpool staple. Here's our Head Chef Ben's thoughts on Scouse:  I have really fond memories of my grandmother’s Scouse, as seems to be the case for most people. No one ever makes it as good as their gran or mum’s recipe and it’s all down to their unique special ingredients that make it much more than a basic meat stew. As Head Chef for National Museums Liverpool I feel it’s definitely my obligation to produce Scouse to be proud of. After all, we represent everything else truly Scouse in the  Museum of Liverpool so it’s a big deal for me to get this dish particularly right. We’ve always offered Scouse on our menus and the recipe has evolved over the years but I stand true to its origins. I grew up eating Scouse that was traditionally made from Sunday roast leftovers - either beef or lamb - intended to be a one-pot meal for the rest of the week. My take on Scouse is all about ensuring a real depth of flavour, so I actually chose to include cuts of beef skirt and lamb mince in my recipe. Both affordable meats, which take a nod from the traditional ‘left over roast’ but actually combining two meats in one dish allowing the real depth of flavour to come through. I also add in grain mustard plus my special ingredient…sorry I can’t give everything away! As its Global Scouse Day on Friday 28 February, we’re taking the opportunity to indulge ourselves fully in this great dish and will be offering Scouse on the menu in all our Liverpool City Centre museums. It’s always been hugely popular with our customers, tourists and locals alike. If you are visiting the Museum of Liverpool, Merseyside Maritime Museum or World Museum why not join us and tuck in to a great bowl of Scouse. Let us know what you think! Plus there’s always the other debate…beetroot or red cabbage?