Global Scouse Day 28 February

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Image of a bowl of Scouse We'll be serving Scouse on Global Scouse Day - veggie options available too! Ben Sheeran, our Head Chef is excited to talk about Global Scouse Day and the importance of this great local dish: "I blogged last year about Global Scouse Day and it's great to see the momentum this time around with lots of restaurants and cafes getting behind our most famous local dish. We all have favourite memories of Scouse whether it's a family recipe or we're simply proud of our own personal take on this local speciality. We received lots of suggestions last year on special ingredients used or particular tips on how best to serve it which was brilliant. It's clear Scouse is a food that our city is passionate about and proud of. It would be great to get your thoughts this year on what makes your Scouse so special. To me it's not just about celebrating being Scouse and proud. As Head Chef for National Museums Liverpool it is important I get the dish spot on. We have so many locals and tourists alike that visit our museums and galleries, I feel it's my obligation to ensure they taste the best Scouse in the city. After all, the Museum of Liverpool represents our city's history and Scouse is an integral part of this heritage. As someone who is truly passionate about food and our city, serving up a great hearty bowl of Scouse is a key part of this. It isn't all about the classic beef and lamb stew, we are equally proud of our vegetarian 'Blind Scouse'. The depth of flavour you get from a bowl of traditional Scouse is equally important in a vegetarian alternative and we get lots of great feedback from our customers about his too. With Global Scouse Day being celebrated on Saturday 28 February, we will be serving up Scouse and Blind Scouse in our city centre venues. Why not visit the Museum of Liverpool, Merseyside Maritime Museum, Walker Art Gallery or World Museum this week to tuck into a bowl of Scouse and let us know what you think. With all profits from sales of our food going back into supporting the work of National Museums Liverpool, you not only enjoy a great bowl of Scouse but will be supporting our museums and galleries too!"