Global Scouse Day - You don’t have to be a Scouser to celebrate

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We love Global Scouse Day at National Museums Liverpool. It's a great opportunity to highlight the fabulous home-made Scouse that is enjoyed in our museums, and the people that create our tasty version of this local culinary tradition.

James Behan, Sous Chef at National Museums Liverpool, is a Scouse enthusiast and ambassador although technically an honorary Scouser as he was  born down South. When he was growing up in London, he recalls the food from his childhood was more likely to be pie and mash or jellied eels! He told us;

"Before moving to Liverpool I thought the word ‘Scouse’ only referred to an accent rather than food! When I first came to Liverpool as a tourist I took in all the attractions from overlooking the waterfront from the Museum of Liverpool, to listening to the Beatles tributes during Matthew Street Festival but it wasn’t until moving here that I tried the iconic dish of Scouse.

Three years in the city and I’ve been welcomed to many versions at dining tables. I’ve also made my fair share and got to grips with the important debate; red cabbage or beetroot. Whatever side you choose, it’s got to be served with bread and butter!” James is proof that it’s not just people from Liverpool enjoying this dish; it is without a doubt a hugely popular choice amongst visitors to the City.

The history of our city is represented in our museums and Scouse is a great way we can share our delicious food heritage with our visitors too."

james the honoury scouser outside the merseyside maritime museum liverpool

If you are a real foodie, you will love our tasty Scouse, whether it is the traditional recipe of beef and lamb or our alternative, meat-free vegetarian Scouse. We are delighted that all our venues will be serving Scouse prepared by James and his team on Global Scouse Day on 28 February.

Scouse served at the maritime dining room with red cabbage