Goodbye to Woolworths

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old slightly damaged photo of a shop

Woolworths in Wavertree Road, Liverpool, 1931

Today the last Woolworths shops will close their doors for the last time. The loss of this familiar household name from the high street marks the end of an era that actually started in Liverpool a century ago. The first British shop of the famous chain opened in this city in 1909.

I don't have a picture of that particular store, but for anyone who has been saddened to see the empty shelves of their favourite Woolies shop over the last few weeks, here's a photo of the Wavertree Road Woolworths during better times from the Stewart Bale collection, which was recently shown in the Metropolis exhibition. There's also a picture of the window display of the London Road Woolworths in 1931 from the same exhibition, advertising a 'Household week' sale with 'Nothing over 6D'.