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Twin masted sailing ship in bay

On a recent trip to Falmouth we visited the National Maritime Museum Cornwall, interviewed Cornwall’s last remaining Customs Officer and chatted to the creator of a newly built 18th-century style lugger!

On our last day we got up early and travelled along the sunny south-east coast of Cornwall to Millbrook boatyard in Plymouth. Here we met professional sailors Marcus Rowden and Freya Hart, with their little toddler Malachi – the inspirational team behind the Grayhound.

The original Greyhound was an 18th-century Customs cutter commissioned by John Knill, collector of Customs and mayor of St Ives. Having discovered the plans for the original vessel, Marcus and Freya decided to build their own version from scratch. This would not only be an important part of Cornish maritime history, but ultimately their future place of work and family home.

Marcus and Freya sold everything they owned to build their dream boat. With the help of ten assistants and dedicated volunteers, they began the build in 2010 using trees cut down from Devon‘s Teign Valley. After a labour intensive two years, Grayhound was launched in August 2012.

Just a few weeks later, we chatted to the enthusiastic and proud owners of the stunning 21st-century Grayhound. We admired her from a distance as she basked in the sun near to the boatyard. The only disappointment was that the tide was too high for us to get on board!

She sets sail in April 2013, with Marcus and Freya (accompanied by Malachi) running adventure holidays around the world. Passengers will be part of the crew, learning traditional sailing skills and experiencing the excitement of life at sea.

We hope one day she’ll call in at the Albert Dock in Liverpool, so we can have a closer look and finally step on board!