Guest blog by the first member of our Patrons' Circle

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Gallery Lady Lever Art Gallery © Fotography In a guest blog by a very special member of our Patrons' Circle, Juliet Staines tells us a bit more about why she loves the Lady Lever Art Gallery and what it means to be a patron. Juliet was the very first member of our Patrons' Circle and has a long-standing relationship with the gallery:
"Having visited the gallery frequently as a child and more recently working at the gallery full time as a learning officer and currently as a freelance artist educator, I cannot imagine a time when I will not be visiting the gallery either for work or pleasure, it is part of my everyday life. The Lady Lever Art Gallery is such a magical and unique place, I am proud to be a patron and hope my passion for the arts encourages more people to support and visit the gallery. I greatly admire Lever’s vision in collecting and providing a cultural and artistic experience to be enjoyed by all who visit the gallery for then, now and I hope, the future. Another great benefit to being a member is the access to a range of events and exhibition previews. The restoration and conservation plans for the South End Galleries contain such rich and diverse collections, I can’t wait to see the project completed in its entirety. Being able to walk through the interconnected galleries showcasing highlights from the collection and enhanced by new interpretation whilst retaining Lever’s vision for the gallery, is going to be a real feast for the eyes. In the current financial climate I hope to encourage the generosity of new patrons who can also lend their support in the restoration and conservation of the South End galleries. Is it so important to be involved in our local heritage and ensure its legacy for the generations to come."

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