Half marathon breakfast at the museum

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Superlambanana and outdoor cafe seating at the Museum of Liverpool

Copyright Mark McNulty

Much has been written about the loneliness of the long distance runner. But what about the friends and families who support those runners? You get up at the crack of dawn, become a mobile cloakroom service when your runner takes off the warm layers of clothing and emergency waterproof that they wore on the train over, you cheer them off, and then what? You find yourself in town  with time to kill before your runner reappears across the finish line and suddenly realise just how little is open at the crack of dawn on a cold Sunday morning. Yes, I speak from experience.

Luckily for anyone coming to the Liverpool Half Marathon this Sunday, help is at hand. The Museum of Liverpool's Waterfront Café will be opening early at 8.45am with a pop-up shop outside, which means that you can wave off the runners with one hand while holding a nice hot drink in the other. They will also be serving fruit, breakfast rolls, and water.

The rest of the Museum of Liverpool will open at 10am as usual, so come in to be inspired by the stories of the city's sporting heroes in the Wondrous Place gallery. There's also a great vantage point to watch the end of the race from the huge window of The People's Republic gallery.

Good luck to everyone running on Sunday, have a great race.