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When you think of archaeology what comes to mind? People digging holes? Delicate brushing of soil from objects? Time Team? Indiana Jones?! Archaeologists explore the past through material culture - the things people made, built and used.  Those things are often excavated, but can also be standing remains of buildings. After an excavation is completed there is a fascinating process of work to undertake back indoors to understand the site and its objects and make sense of the evidence.

In June there are opportunities for you to get involved in some workshops to capture information about finds, and label them with their museum reference numbers. Working with the archaeology team at the Museum of Liverpool volunteers (aged 18 or over) are invited to explore the finds excavated last years at the site of courtyard housing at Oakes Street. This site revealed a wealth of information about life in courtyard housing in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Courts were a form of high density poor quality housing which was home to around half of Liverpool's working class population by the mid 19th century. The Oakes Street court is the only one which has ever been excavated, providing a unique insight into the lives of people who lived there. Workshops will introduce the site and the finds, provide an opportunity to handle a range of finds and learn about cataloguing systems, and enable volunteers to gain skills in marking finds with their accession numbers. No previous experience necessary!

Book your places on the workshops on Eventbrite. Ideally we'd ask people to book at least two sessions, so you can build on the experience you've gained! If you have any queries, please contact liz.stewart@liverpoolmuseums.org.uk.