Happy 65th birthday Edmund Gardner!

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museum staff holding up a flag with 65 on it This specially made pilot's flag is now flying on the Edmund Gardner. On Monday we celebrated the 65th birthday of the pilot vessel Edmund Gardner. To mark this fact we are holding a special open day on Saturday 28 July 2018. The ship will be open between 10.30am to 4.30pm for visitors to pop in and have a look around. Some of our award winning volunteer guides will be on hand to provide a unique visitor experience as you walk through the ship. Step back in time and imagine what it was like to sit in the saloon trying to eat your tea in rough weather, or pretend to be a pilot waiting in the sun lounge for the next vessel to board. Seize the opportunity to view the world from the bridge deck and see up close the largest object in National Museums Liverpool’s collections.  The Edmund Gardner was launched in July 1953 and was in service as a pilot vessel from December that year until April 1981, when she was one of the last two remaining large cutters on duty. The Merseyside Maritime Museum purchased her in 1982 and she is now conserved in dry dock. Having been bought straight from service, Edmund Gardner is entirely in original condition and is one of the only two large pilot boats preserved worldwide (the other one is in Australia). The Edmund Gardner's historic importance has been recognized by the National Historic Ships Committee, which has included the vessel in its National Core Collection of Historic Ships. She has also received the World Ship Trust's award as an outstanding example of ship preservation. Our open day is a free drop in event, with no pre-booking required. Please note that the ship has uneven surfaces, steep stairways and low steps, meaning it is not fully accessible and unable to accommodate wheelchair users, pushchairs or prams. Please wear appropriate sensible footwear for a safe and enjoyable visit. ship painted in bold stripes of yellow, red, green and black The Edmund Gardner is currently painted as a dazzle ship.