Happy Father's Day!

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George-Holt-blog George Holt, Robert E Morrison To celebrate Father's Day we have a special blog on George and Emma Holt. Emma Holt was the only child of George and Elizabeth Holt, born in 1862. The Holt family settled at Sudley House when Emma was 21, where she remained for the next 60 years of her life. When George died in 1896, Emma carried on his legacy with charity work, using the morning room at Sudley as her office. From here she helped to run Liverpool University, an area of the District Nursing Association and many other health charities. Much like her father, Emma was a philanthropist, particularly interested in Liverpool University and higher education for women, along with other charities. In those days there was no National Health Service. There was much poverty in Liverpool, and Emma had been brought up to believe that it was the family’s responsibility to use its wealth for the good of the community. Emma-Holt-blog Emma Holt Emma never married or had children, and her passing in 1944 marked the end of the Holt family line. She bequeathed Sudley House and its paintings to the City of Liverpool. This was so that the people of Liverpool could see the pieces of artwork, collected by her father, in their original setting. Unfortunately when Emma bequeathed the House it didn’t state that the furnishings were also to be kept. This meant that many items of furniture were sold by the Council at the time. Today, Sudley House is one of only a few period homes decorated in a Victorian style that still has many of its original features. It houses the only surviving Victorian merchant art collection in Britain still hanging in its original location This is thanks to George and Emma’s shared passion for art and philanthropy, which continues to inspire visitors every day. Sudley House is open daily, 10am-5pm with a great programme of activities for families to enjoy. Free entry.