A hare raising time with the Burrell

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Last weekend Sharon Brown, Dave Letsche and Dale Riley, who look after the Museum of Liverpool's land transport collection, donned historical costumes and took the Burrell steam traction engine 'on the road' to Croxteth. Here's Sharon Brown's report from the event - with details of where you can see the Burrell next Saturday.

man in Victorian costume with a toy rabbit on his head

Dave Letsche entertains the crowds

We were at the Croxteth Heritage Sports Day last weekend as a backdrop as it was based around Victorian and Edwardian themed sports - tennis, rugby etc. We talked to people about the engine (built in 1909 - so it's Edwardian rather than Victorian) and about the Museum of Liverpool on the road project. We only took one turn around the park at the end of the afternoon as it was very busy and we didn't want to squash anyone! Everyone was fascinated with the engine and we had lots of positive comments about it - and ourselves in our rather fetching Victorian outfits - children kept wanting their photos taken with us - a novel experience - a bit like being a celebrity I guess!

Next Saturday (16th June)  we will be attending the carnival at Hale Village - another Victorian themed event and are hoping for cooler weather!

As you can see in the photo, Dave Letsche had a surprise under his top hat to keep the kids entertained (or bemused in some cases! - "Why 'ave ya got that rabbit on yer 'ed mate?" Dave's reply -"Its not a rabbit - its me hare!" The old ones are the best!)