Home Alone Campaign Success!

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Stephanie George, a domestic worker in Haiti.

© Pete Pattisson

Since last year, the International Slavery Museum has been encouraging visitors to support Anti-Slavery International's campaign for domestic workers' rights to be recognised. The exhibition Home Alone: end domestic slavery highlights how domestic workers (people who work in, or for, other people’s households) can be vulnerable to exploitation and slavery. Domestic workers around the world lack legal rights to protect them against abuse; a basic right that most of us take for granted.

Last week the campaign had a historic break through. Following increased pressure from Anti-Slavery International and their partners, the International Labour Organisation has agreed to adopt a new Convention for Domestic Work. This new regulation will improve the protection of domestic workers from exploitation. It will recognise their rights as employees.

This is really fantastic news and shows the impact that campaigning for human rights can have. Home Alone: end domestic slavery is the first exhibition to be held in the Campaign Zone gallery at the International Slavery Museum and is open until 4 September 2011. The Campaign Zone gallery encourages visitors to take action against modern-day forms of slavery and oppression.