Hospice artwork displayed for 20th anniversary

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tree collage artwork with Liverpool waterfront in background Today we put on display this special ‘tree of life’ artwork in the Museum of Liverpool. It was made by a group of around 40 people, 2013 - 2015 at Woodlands Hospice, Aintree. The members of the drop-in group consisted of people of all ages and backgrounds who had lost loved-ones cared for by the Hospice. The members chose the Liverpool skyline as the backdrop as this was a common bond they all shared. Sentimental items, unique to each person, were chosen by each participant and carefully added to the tree. Each item tells an individual story and represents each loved-one’s life. The background moves from darkness to light - from grief to hope - representing the group’s healing process through the creation of their artwork.
"We have laughed and cried together sharing our sadness and hopes. Seeing the finished piece of artwork reunites us with our loved ones".
Lent by Woodlands Hospice. The artwork will be on display at the Museum of Liverpool until 31 October 2016. 20 years of Woodlands Hospice logoWoodlands Hospice has been providing invaluable care to people with life-limiting or terminal illnesses – supporting patients and families at the most difficult of times over the last 20 years. The hospice is a registered charity (number 1048934) and all care is provided free of charge. Each and every day the hospice has to raise £2,740 through fundraising and donations to continue to offer our high levels of care, so they rely heavily on the support of the public through fundraising and donations.