House of Memories works with the housing sector

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A group of delegates watching a man present House of Memories training at the Museum of Liverpool This week is very exciting for the House of Memories, as we are running our first dementia awareness training dates devised for, and with, those working in the housing sector. The House of Memories provides participants with practical skills and resources to support people to live well with dementia, and has been running with a focus on health and social care since January 2012. This summer we have worked closely with Liverpool Mutual Homes, Knowsley Housing Trust, the Regenda Group and Riverside Housing to develop a bespoke programme. The training looks at the different challenges and types of situations that can occur for this particular workforce, and explores the best ways to approach them through drama interpretation.  Stephanie Harrison, Executive Director of the Regenda Group, explains why this type of training is so valuable to the sector:
 “We have a range of residents, some with very complex needs, who require a little more support than others. Their wellbeing is of great importance and it’s vital that we provide the extra support needed to help people manage in their own home. Working with the House of Memories project is of great value to us in developing our skills and awareness to help those residents who live with dementia, and reassure them that they have a support network and community around them that can help.”
We hope the new ‘housing model’ of House of Memories will help to empower workforces, tenants, neighbourhoods and local communities, and ultimately help more people to ‘live well with dementia’.