How leaving a legacy in your will could help others

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As it's "free wills month" throughout October, Abby Jones, from our Development office, talks here about how leaving a gift in your will could help others. Smiling visitor with childLeaving a gift in your will, also known as a legacy, is not something that is usually on the top of people’s conversation lists. I mean it isn’t the easiest thing to talk about is it? - Leaving money to something after you are no longer here to enjoy it yourself?  But wouldn’t it be great to leave something in your will to National Museums Liverpool and experience the benefits of that gift now? If you let us know that you are going to leave a gift to us in your will, we can talk to you further about what you care about and see what benefits we can offer you that are of interest to you. We understand that your will is one of the most important documents you will ever write, after all it provides you with the possibility to make a long-term difference after you have gone. Wills also give you the opportunity to leave a lot more as a legacy that you might ever be able to afford to donate in life. As a charity leaving us a gift in your will is vital as a source of income. All of our museums and galleries are free, and although we do receive funding, it’s not enough to cover all the work that we do. One of our legacy givers Kathryn says:

“I want my legacy to keep alive some of the things I am passionate about.”
Like Kathryn wouldn’t it be lovely to know that by leaving us a gift in your will you are helping future generations to enjoy all the museum and galleries have to offer. Knowing that a painting that impassioned you will go onto be enjoyed by others, an exhibition that inspired you will continue to be appreciated and our outreach and education work will continue to make a real difference to future generations in your community. A gift in your will could help make all these things happen. You can find out more about Kathryn’s story and about leaving a gift in your will to us.