How to make a good Egyptian gallery

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This is the coffin of Padiamunnebnesuttawy, who worked in a temple as a ‘Wab-priest of Amun’. His coffin (dated from about 664-525 BC) is decorated with images of different gods and events from the Book of the Dead. At the centre of the coffin you can see an image of Anubis preparing the mummy for the Afterlife.

The new gallery was reviewed on the Night Waves programme on BBC Radio 3 yesterday by Mike Pitts, editor of British Archaeology Magazine. If you missed the programme it's available on the BBC website for one week in their How to make a good Egyptian gallery feature.

people installaing an Egyptian coffin in a display case

Here's the latest photo from the installation of the new Ancient Egypt gallery at World Museum Liverpool. It shows one of the 14 coffins on display in the gallery being installed by the handling team.