How much does it cost?

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Woman and child putting money in donation box at Museum of Liverpool Copyright Mark McNulty  Museums are being urged by Government to raise money from all possible sources to cope with the cuts that are being made in public funding. But how realistic is it that public funding can be replaced by money from elsewhere?How much money do you think National Museums Liverpool receives per year in our donations boxes from our 3million+ visitors? The answer last year was £207k (about 7p per visitor), about 1% of our costs.  And that is a lot more than just a few years ago: in 2006/7 we raised less than £40k from about 2 million visitors (about 2p per visitor). The pattern is of growing numbers of visitors, each giving us more in our donations boxes.  Unfortunately, most people don’t give us anything! We have tried to persuade our visitors that we need cash to help keep up our standards, but most probably think they’ve already paid for the museums through their taxes. In which case, we need to inform visitors that income from taxes is plummeting, and we need donations in our boxes to help plug the gaps.  So if you are a NML visitor, please help us keep going by helping fill our donations boxes!