How social justice is key work of museums - new video and blog

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A man stood at with microphone speaking in front of SJAM logo Dr David Fleming at the launch of the Social Justice Alliance for Museums Watch our new video which highlights the work of The Social Justice Alliance for Museums (SJAM). Here, on our blog, one of SJAM's founder members explains why social justice is key work of museums. In Liverpool in November 2013 museums and organisations that believe in social justice formed a new alliance.The Social Justice Alliance for Museums (SJAM), is the creation of National Museums Liverpool, working with like-minded museums services in the UK and abroad. One of the founder international members of SJAM is  Fundacion Litoral , a non profit organization based in Rosario, Argentina. Here Susana Meden from Fundacion Litoral, explains about the plans for a new Museum in Argentina and why her organisation was so keen to sign up for SJAM. Susana: "A few years ago, the president of its board of trustees - Mr Guillermo Whpei-  encouraged his team to start planning a Museum for Democracy. The idea began to unfold and now is an ongoing project, involving me and other enthusiastic professionals who are looking forward to opening next year. "The purpose that drives us is to help build a more democratic society. We are creating a special place, designed to attract citizens and make them enjoy the experience while learning about their rights and obligations. "We are determined to raise awareness about the importance of upholding democratic values ​​such as human rights, inclusion and respect for the different. "Since those values ​​are a collective construction, we must make sure to reach as many people as possible. For this, the museum will be free access and thereby a big step towards social justice will be given. "We are delighted being a founding member of SJAM. This partnership will facilitate interaction between Museo de la Democracia and other institutions with similar profiles. Sharing experiences and helping each other to find better ways to achieve goals, will greatly benefit our communities. "Furthermore, the Alliance means to us an extraordinary opportunity for adding our flag to international efforts for social justice." The new video of the SJAM launch is now available to watch here.