I don't like crickets

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Cricket insect's playing cricket, vintage xmas card

What a miserable start to the day, to rush downstairs and turn the cricket on to hear England all out Downunder and Australia progressing tidly towards an unlikely victory 'against the head' in the 2nd Ashes Test.

Clicking just anywhere to get the cricket off of my web browser, my mood was slightly cheered by stumbling across Sam's post about the excellent decorative arts selection of vintage christmas e-cards and then depressed again to find a cricket related one (pictured).

This card entitled 'Anxious moments' (1.30am this morning anyone ?) was posted on the 24 December 1884 to a Robt Thomas Esq with the message 'with David's sincere wishes that you may "score one" this xmas'. Maybe you have an Australian colleague that you could use the e-card to send some sporting congratulations to (I did say maybe) and at the same time perhaps hand them the ashes.

The only crumb of comfort I can find in this card (other than that little cricket insect finding some late reverse swing with the kookaburra ball) is that when it was sent during the 8th Ashes series in 1884/1885 also in Australia: England had just won the first test and went on to win the 2nd, then Australia came back from two tests down! to level things up (so it is possible) before err England completed a 3-2 series win.

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