"I'm just not keen on spiders"

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I’m determined to get to Manchester Art Gallery to see Green Drops and Moonsquirters: The Utterly Imaginative World of Lauren Child before it ends. Lauren Child is the author of the wonderful Charlie and Lola series. The trouble is, everytime I try and get there, there’s just too much happening in Liverpool and I end up spending the weekend at visiting one of our venues.

Take this weekend for example. It’s the BA Festival of Science. Now science isn't really my bag – but the festival isn't what you think. At World Museum Liverpool on Saturday, for instance, we’ve got some opening events with Adam Hart-Davis. (I know him best from TV’s 'What The Tudors Did For Us' series). These include firing rockets, digging for fossils, creating your own big bang and lots of other stuff happening

Something else that took my eye was 'The Search For Extraterrestrial Life' lecture at the University of Liverpool which is being hosted by leading experts in astrobiology Professors Monica Grady, Barrie Jones and John Zarnecki. Any budding Mulder and Scullys out there? And I also stumbled across the Magical Memory Tour  which is supported by The Beatles Story (amongst others). This scientific study about memory is based on people’s reflections and experiences of the Beatles and Beatle-linked events. You can add your own thoughts on the website and the findings are to be revealed during the festival.

An ecard featuring a mature lady and a giant spider

Wish You Were Here? A World Museum e-card.

If you are of a nervous disposition you may not want to venture into town at all this weekend with La Princesse on the move courtesy of Sultan’s Elephants’ spectacular Company La Machine . (Listening to The Cure on iTunes is really not helping at this time). And if a giant mechanical spider isn’t enough to scare you silly can always bob into the Bug House to see if the short fat hairy ones do the trick.

Hmmm – perhaps I’ll get off my tuffet and go to Manchester. As Lola would say, "I'm just not keen on spiders". I’d rather meet Soren Lorenson.