Improved access to the Lady Lever

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a large white ramp being fitted to the side of a neo-classical building

The new ramp at the (soon to be) new entrance to the Lady Lever Art Gallery.

Changes are afoot at the Lady Lever Art Gallery. Last week saw the installation of a new ramp for visitors who can't manage the steps. This photo shows work in progress at what will be the new entrance - it's to the right of the front entrance as you currently look at the building. The new entrance and foyer will be a big improvement on the current cramped, inaccessible one, and will lead people right into the heart of the building. Fans of the building should rest assured that all of these changes are totally in keeping with the building and its listed status. More on the improvements we're making to the gallery are on the main site.

Update 10.04.07: sorry, that should read 'to the left of the front entrance as you curently look at the building', so that's the west side of the building.