International Women’s Day - Ethel Singleton

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Ethel Singleton Ethel Singleton (1933 – 2014). By kind permission of Nick Broomfield International Women’s Day, 8 March, celebrates women’s achievements. This is the second post featuring inspiring Liverpool women who are represented in the Museum of Liverpool. There are also free special events taking place this weekend to mark the day. Ethel, from Old Swan, became involved in tenant activism during the 1960s and '70s. She was one of the many people in the city who went on strike against proposed unjust rent increases brought about by the Housing Finance Act in 1972.
"People got together and they formed groups to fight it in various areas, not just in Liverpool it was right across the country... and eventually because they got no joy they decided to go on a rent strike. They had no option but to do that." Ethel Singleton, 2009.
Booklet cover with text 'We Wont Pay. Women's Struggle on Tower Hill'Ethel features in Nick Broomfield’s documentary ‘Behind the Rent Strike’ which can be viewed in The People’s Republic gallery. You can see also the 'We Won't Pay. Women's Struggle on Tower Hill’ booklet, pictured here, on display. Women on the Tower Hill estate, Kirkby, were vocal opponents of the proposed rent increases.