"It’s about updating the gallery in a thoughtful way..."

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Visitors take a look at plans for the gallery. Visitors take a look at plans for the gallery. I always enjoy the chance to work with our visitors to find out what they really think about what we’re doing in our museums and galleries. Recently I’ve been working on some consultation projects at the Lady Lever Art Gallery, where I’ve had the chance to show visitors some of the plans for the redevelopment of the south end galleries and talk about our the aims for the project.  We had some really positive responses - our visitors agree that the plans would help to make the rooms in the south end galleries more appealing and comfortable to visit. I really liked the way one visitor summarised the project for us by saying:
"It’s about updating the spaces in a thoughtful way, without too much interference with the integrity of the gallery."
I’ve also been working with Park Lane Research who carried out visitor workshops in the gallery. During the workshops, visitors were asked to make notes on what they think about the way objects are currently displayed in the south end galleries and to think about what we could be doing to make improvements. What I've discovered from speaking to people is that visitors want to know more about the history and significance of the objects on display. This is something that the project designers are keen to include in the redeveloped galleries. Over the coming months we will be holding more  events and open days when we have further plans and ideas to share. Look out for details of these events on the website or next time you visit the gallery. Visitors in the south end of the gallery

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The redevelopment scheme will be entirely funded through major grants, donations and corporate sponsorship. A £350k gift from a Charitable Trust has already been gratefully received along with £200k from Garfield Weston Foundation. If you are passionate about art and want to support the exciting plans we have for the Lady Lever, you can join our Centenary Club or Patrons' Circle, which will help to fund the project. Visit our website for more details on how you can show your support. HLF logo