It's Everlution!

Today is the anniversary of a momentous event for football fans in Liverpool and beyond. It was on this day in 1892 that Everton Football Club split in two, with half of the members leaving their home at Anfield and moving to a new site a few hundred yards away at Goodison Road, and the remaining members staying to form Liverpool Football Club.

The Everton Collection website features the actual minute book from 25 January 1892 that describes the members' final offer to Mr Houlding, the owner of the ground they were currently leasing, and the resolution to move to Goodison Road if the offer was not accepted. The rest is history. There's more on the Anfield Split as it came to be known, including the politics and personalities that contributed, in a special feature on the site.

I know I've mentioned The Everton Collection on this blog before but it really is a fantastic resource for fans of Everton, football in general or social history - it's the world's greatest collection of football memorabilia. There's an exhibition of some of the highlights from the collection - Everlution - at Liverpool's central library until Sunday 18 April. The Easter break is just around the corner and there'll be tours and children's trails over the period. And if you can't make it to the exhibition there's either the fascinating Everton Collection website, or objects from the collection will be featured in the new Museum of Liverpool. COYB!