Jelly Mould Hunt

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photo of decorated jelly mould

Lubaina Himid's Jelly Mould on display at the Lady Lever Art Gallery

Last week I had the pleasure of supervising a visit from the Bargain Hunt team who were filming at the Lady Lever Art Gallery. Supervising film crews on the whole is an exciting and interesting job, however there are occasional moments of quiet when there is not much to do other than admire the surroundings you're in. There was one such moment last week when Bargain Hunt's star Tim Wannacott was chatting with the director.

I took this opportunity to wander around and have a look at the Jelly Mould on display as part of the city wide trail of Jelly Mould Pavilions by Lubaina Himid.

Jelly Mould Pavilions is an exhibition at Sudley House displaying 30 Victorian jelly moulds, with individual ones at the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Lady Lever Art Gallery.

Displayed on a plinth with tiny people and trees, the Jelly Mould is intended to look like a memorial that commemorates the Black Diaspora in Liverpool. In a gallery that displays art work from the 18th & 19th century this contemporary installation stood out in a really impressive way.

This just gives a taster of the striking display at Sudley House, and with less than two weeks before the exhibition closes there is only a short time left to see the display for yourself.

When this episode of Bargain Hunt is aired we will post a link to the iplayer online.