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Artist talks to audience in gallery

Artist Steve Proudfoot discusses his work in exhibition

Liverpool-artist Steve Proudfoot launched a programme of artist talks in the John Moores Painting Prize exhibition today.

Talking about his popular painting 'The Party' Steve told his audience that a main source of inspiration was the 60’s artist Gerhard Richter. He also discussed how he conceived and created the painting, as well as giving an idea of his career to date.

The audience were fascinated to learn that this was the first time Steve had entered the competition. John Moores project manager, Angela Samata, revealed more about how the selection process works and even reminisced on the discussion the judges had over ‘The Party’ and how they came to a unanimous decision to include it in the exhibition.

More artist talks are programmed for the run of the exhibition. Much like the exhibition itself the talks will reveal the versatility of painting and the varied approaches artists take creating their work:

Nicholas Middleton: 'Protest, 1st April 2009' Tuesday 9 November, 1pm

Sigrid Holmswood: 'Butchering a Pig' Tuesday, 16 November, 1pm

Tim Ellis: 'United in Different Guises XXXXIII' Friday 3 December, 1pm

Jason Thompson: 'Refractions (Robert Hooke)' Monday 6 December, 1pm