John Moores Painting Prize Visitors' Choice 2016

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Visitors in exhibition John Moores Painting Prize Almost 10,000 people have voted for the John Moores Painting Prize Visitor's Choice, sponsored by Rathbones, but there is still time to have your say! With voting closing on 16 October 2016, we're asking you to put yourself in the shoes of the judges and vote for your favourite painting to win the £2,016 prize. A way of inspiring debate and discussion, the Visitors’ Choice encourages visitors to consider what makes a good painting, and how to judge such wildly different styles and themes against each other. Children posting votes Young visitors casting their vote for Visitors' Choice. Will this be the first time that the people's choice chimes with the judges, who awarded the £25,000 first prize to Michael Simpson for his work, Squint (19)?  Or will the vote once again go to one of the other 53 paintings? Sandra Penketh, Director of Art Galleries said:
“The Visitors' Choice is always a really fascinating part of the John Moores Painting Prize. After the gruelling process of selecting an exhibition from more than 2,500 entries, we love to see how visitors respond to the choices made by the judging panel and if there is any harmony! “The John Moores Painting Prize 2016 certainly gives visitors a difficult task when choosing their favourite. Comparing such different works can be quite challenging and gives some insight into the task of the judges. People will select their favourite using different criteria; use of colour, impressive skill, intriguing abstraction, or perhaps just works with an unusual approach to the medium, are all legitimate ways to judge the paintings.”
cards in a row Visitors' Choice voting cards - counting is already underway! The winner of the John Moores Painting Prize 2016 Visitors' Choice will be announced in November. The exhibition runs until 27 November 2016 at the Walker Art Gallery.