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Visitors doing crafts Louise helping young visitors with their crafts
One of our hard-working volunteers tells us about her role: "Hi, my name is Louise McClelland, and I’ve been volunteering at Sudley House for 2 years. I‘m here every Friday, meeting and greeting people that visit. Another part of my role is to help out with the family workshops either at the weekends or during the week. This involves helping to prepare the materials needed, informing families and children what the workshop entails and providing any help and support that they need. I enjoy all the workshops, as I learn to make something new and different every time. They also attract a lot of different characters and personalities! I really enjoy working with the children and their families, as there is no greater satisfaction then when the children have done the craft activity and are showing you what they have made, knowing that I helped them create it. I volunteer in the Museum of Liverpool too, and work in Little Liverpool on a Tuesday. As well as families, I also get to help any schools and special needs groups which come into Little Liverpool. Occasionally I help out at weekends when the MoL has big event on.  I love working there as I get to interact with the children through play and chat to their adults. I love volunteering for NML as it has provided me with the opportunity to meet some lovely people, make some new friends, and has helped to make museums and art galleries a passion in my life. I am always learning something new, and I’ve found that no day is ever the same as there is something new happening all the time." For more information on events at National Museums Liverpool, check our website