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The Archives Centre has a rolling programme of temporary exhibitions in the 3 showcases outside our door on the second floor of the Merseyside Maritime Museum.  Our current exhibition, in conjunction with our colleagues from the Border Force National Museum, is on the Harrison Line vessel Politician, which ran aground off the island of Eriskay, Scotland. 

The fact that the vessel was carrying a lot of whisky is well known, highlighted by the novel and film Whisky Galore, but there was a lot of other interesting cargo onboard, not least 290,000 Jamaican bank notes.  The recent publicity for the opening of the exhibition caught the eye of a man interested in the story of the ship.  He has kindly donated one of the very bank notes to us and we’ve added it to the exhibition.

Lead image: Jamaican 10 shilling note from the consignment shipped on board the Politician. (DX/2515)