Justin raises the Titanic

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Well, OK, it is just the model of the Titanic (and if you really want to split hairs it's actually the model of the Olympic/Titanic, but that's a whole other story that you can read on the Maritime Museum collection pages).

I'll start again. Justin Garside Taylor, head of industrial and land transport conservation, is shown gently easing the Titanic model up on trolleys, ready to be moved out of the former Floating Palaces gallery and into a brand new display, due to open early in 2007.

Moving such a large and important model is quite an operation. The preparations have involved staff from several different departments, including shipkeeping, the handling team, conservation and maritime history. Once everything is ready the model will actually be moved later this week, depending on the weather.

Staff with the Titanic model

On the lookout for icebergs are models conservator Dave Parsons (dusting the deck) with curator Alan Scarth, Justin Garside Taylor and head of ship models conservation Chris Moseley

Conservator with Titanic model