King Kong spotted in museum van!

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It has been another busy and varied week for the handling and transport team, who have been taking a lot of different objects from storage to the National Conservation Centre for routine condition checking to prevent deterioration. One item in particular caught their eye, as handling technician driver Paul Kelly explains below. You can see more of Paul's photos of this and other objects in our Moving Stories set on Flickr.
man with a model of the Empire State Building

Handling technician Danny John... or is it King Kong?

"Way back in the mists of time in the 1960s lots of chaps built model buildings for their model railway layouts using Bayko building blocks. Some chaps obviously got into it in a very big way and produced a very large building - none other than the Empire State Building - which is now in the Museum of Liverpool's collections. It must have taken them weeks to do this and the cost would have been enormous - Grandma must have had a deep pocket money wallet.

This week the handling and transport team delivered the model from storage to the National Conservation Centre for conservation treatment. Naturally the urge to imitate King Kong could not be resisted, although due care and attention was of course paid to ensure the safe handling of the model. Happily the model made it safely to National Conservation Centre in the correct number of components. Afterwards though we had a big problem trying to get handling technician Danny John out of King Kong mode..."