L8 Create - tell us your Liverpool 8 stories!

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two men by a wall of photgraphs and social media comments Othello De’Souza-Hartley and Marc Boothe in the L8 Create area of the L8 Unseen exhibition Opening on Friday 3 April at the Museum of Liverpool, the L8 Unseen exhibition reveals the stories and experiences of a diverse range of people from the Liverpool 8 community. The exhibition aims to uncover the spirit and heritage of the area through filmed interviews and striking large-scale photographs taken by renowned photographer Othello De’Souza-Hartley. L8 Unseen has been produced by Marc Boothe of B3 Media, who has worked extensively with people from the area to uncover stories from the real Liverpool 8. His team met community leaders and groups, then followed their trail of recommendations, “gathering whispers from the street” in one participant’s words. The result is an incredibly powerful exhibition of photographs and interviews through which a strong sense of the vibrant L8 community emerges. However, the journey doesn’t end with Othello’s huge photographs being unveiled on the museum’s walls when the exhibition opens. Marc hopes that this is just the beginning of a much bigger project:
“At its core I wanted to make something that people could connect with at many levels. Visitors can see the photographs and listen to stories behind them, then I hope they will be inspired to tell their own stories - and spread the word to get more people involved.”
exhibition display of photgraphs and social media comments L8 Create - your photographs and memories could be included in this special area of the exhibition! If you have an L8 story to tell then you can get involved – and possibly have your photos, tweets, memories or even videos included in a special area of the exhibition called L8 Create. This is your chance to add your voice and help us capture the spirit and heritage of Liverpool 8 - past, present and future. Tell us about your favourite place, friends, family members or special events connected to the area. There are many ways to get involved, online and in the exhibition:
  • Use the #L8create hashtag on twitter and instagram.
  • E-mail us your image for potential inclusion in the exhibition. Contact details and more information can be found at www.L8Unseen.net
  • Join the Liverpool 8 Old Photographs Facebook group.
  • Use the video booth in the L8 Unseen exhibition to record your story.
  • Come to our free workshops and events.
Man with his image shown on a large screen in a video booth Photographer Othello De’Souza-Hartley tested our video booth and said it was very easy to use. Come and give it a try yourself and record your story!