Lali Chetwynd in Manchester

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artist and Cousin It looking at a painting

Lali Chetwynd with Cousin It at the Walker during the last biennial

I noticed that the London based artist Lali Chetwynd will be returning to the north west in a couple of weeks to give a talk at the Cornerhouse in Manchester on 7 November.

Two years ago during the last Biennial, Lali organised some gallery talks at the Walker by a very unusual art critic, in the form of 'Cousin It' from the Addams family.

Lali acted as a translator for 'Cousin It', as he took visitors round some of the highlights of the collections. The hairy critic seemed to favour animal paintings and was very knowledgeable about Liverpool-based artist George Stubbs.

This time the artist herslf will be giving a talk about her influences and practices. So if you were lucky enough to see her performances at the Walker and would like to find out more then head over to the Cornerhouse.