Liberty scarf from the QE2

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square headscarf with illustrations of glamorous liners, passengers and locations Scarf, accession number MMM.2007.24
Here's a sneaky preview of a new display at Merseyside Maritime Museum, from Head of Organics Conservation, Tracey Seddon: "As we have no textile conservators I get to do sewing again this week.  Last week was a 500 year old tapestry.  This week I had a rather chic silk scarf from the 1970s. The scarf was a souvenir from the glamorous QE2 liner. It was designed by the London fashion house, Liberty, with a print featuring Art Deco style images of planes, liners and beaches occupied by beautiful people generally having a fabulous time.   The scarf was clearly never used and is in excellent condition. No need for any conservation treatment here.  But to display it to good effect I needed to attach a narrow strip of Velcro to the back.  The Velcro is not attached directly; I first stitched it to a length of fine closely woven cotton fabric and this could then be stitched to the scarf using very fine monofilament thread. This does not put any strain on the silk of the scarf and can easily be removed without causing damage when the scarf is taken off display." The scarf will be appearing soon in the Maritime Museum along with a rather less elegant orange QE2 life jacket. detail of Tracey sewing the scarf