Lion comes home to Liverpool

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lady with railway locomotive

Sharon Brown, curator of land transport, catches the train

The Lion railway locomotive, one of the most popular objects from our land transport collection, returned to Liverpool yesterday after being on long term loan to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

Lion became a bit of a celebrity in 1952 when she appeared in the popular film the Titfield Thunderbolt. More than half a century later it's good to see that she's lost none of her appeal and is still making headlines - you can see her returning home on the back of a lorry on the BBC news website.

Unlike some celebrities (I wont be as indiscreet as to name names), Lion hasn't had to resort to major surgery to keep her good looks and combat the advancing years. However, after decades in the spotlight the locomotive needs a bit of a rest and some TLC before facing the public again. So Lion is going to be treated by our conservators before she goes back on display as one of the key exhibits in the new Museum of Liverpool when that opens in 2010.