Listen impossible - making the Lady Lever even more interesting

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Lady Lever Art Gallery Lady Lever Art Gallery © Pete Carr It’s often difficult to improve on something which is already amazing.  Even before the recent redevelopment of the south end galleries, the Lady Lever was a truly beautiful and inspiring place to visit.  A magnificent collection of objects, some incredible paintings, furniture and ceramics, housed in a purpose built gallery, situated in an idyllic village. We’ve had plenty of positive feedback from our visitors about the redevelopment and we’re very proud of what we’ve accomplished. How could you make all that, better? Well, another  way we help our visitors engage with our collections is through our audio guides.  We’ve used these for a long time and they add an extra dimension and a little more information for the visitor as well as helping those who are blind or partially sighted experience the gallery more positively. recording the audio guide for the Lady Lever Art Gallery We decided a while ago to upgrade our audio guides – making them smaller and easier to carry and operate. We also now have a lot more object descriptions on the guide. We couldn’t use the old voice overs from the previous audio guides so we had to do them all over again. A whole day was spent recording the new entries, in our ‘studio’ - an old store room in the bowels of the Lady Lever. I had the pleasure of sitting in on the whole event – 7 hours of constant recording by Plasma Media and their incredible voice-over actor, Ryan Prescott. I say incredible as he cold read every single entry. It was an amazing feat to read aloud that much text and not have to do many re-takes. It was a great experience, listening to each item come alive, as Ryan read through each new description and if you want to hear him too, be sure to get one of our new audio guides on your next visit to the Lady Lever. If you’d like to know some more information about our new guides, please visit the audio guide page on our website. recording the audio guide for the Lady Lever Art Gallery