A little bit of history repeating

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Two women in white

Sandra Foster and Sonia Mazz recreate picture that defines the Sound and Vision exhibition

A wise woman (Ms Shirley Bassey) once sang that ‘it's all just a little bit of history repeating’. After going to a talk given by Francesco Mellina at his exhibition at the National Conservation Centre I would have to agree.

As you enter Sound and Vision: Music and Fashion Photographed by Francesco Mellina, Liverpool, 1978-82 you are faced with a huge photograph of two young girls. One blonde, the other brunette they seem to define an era, embodying a time when fashion was dynamic and Liverpool was buzzing with a music scene that is still remembered.

However, last week they were not just on the wall, they were at the exhibition. Sonia Mazz (right) and Sandra Foster née Heard, came to see Francesco again after many years and look at the exhibition they are a huge part of. Looking just as glamorous as they did back then, they caught up with Francesco and posed for pictures. With only a couple of weeks left before the exhibition ends on Monday 31 August it seems that history has repeated itself and the exhibition has come full circle.

If you still haven’t seen the exhibition including the picture of Sandra and Sonia and would like to hear about the exhibition, Francesco Mellina is giving a free talk on Friday 28 August at 2pm at the National Conservation Centre.