Liver bird's night out

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Man wheeling Liver Bird sculpture through a ballroom

It can't be much of a life being a museum exhibit. True, you do get lots of people from all over the world coming to visit you during the day, but then you're stuck in your glass case all evening and never get to go to any parties.

One lucky exhibit has been granted a night out on the town this evening though as the guest of honour at a special event. This stone Liver Bird, which used to be on display at the former Museum of Liverpool Life, was moved to Liverpool's Town Hall this morning. This evening it will greet guests to the launch event announcing the plans for the new Museum of Liverpool.

The Liver Bird is shown being wheeled into the Town Hall. You can see a slideshow with more pictures of our technical services staff installing it on our flickr page.

This evening's event is for invited guests only. If you don't have a ticket but would like to see the Liver Bird, it will be going on display to the public later this week as part of the Museum of Liverpool 'on the road' project, so keep an eye on the website for details.