LiveReads 2011

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Painting of women and baby

'Fantine' by Margaret Bernadine Hall. Inspired by the tragic character in Victor Hugo's Les Miserables

When Laura Davis, arts editor for the Daily Post, asked us to nominate art works that were inspired by or connected to literature, the only difficulty was knowing where to begin!

Due to the Walker Art Gallery’s fantastic collection of Victorian art, in particular the Pre-Raphaelite works, we had a lot to choose from.

In the end our curator, Dr. Laura MacCulloch went for a theme close to her heart following her stunning exhibition, 'The Rise of Women Artists' and selected five works by females.

The three paintings and two sculptures are featured in three interviews to celebrate the launch of LiveRead 2011, the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo's online literature festival.

The first can be heard on the Daily Post’s site from today.

Details are as follows:

March 1: Discover the tragic story of 'Fantine', from Victor Hugo's 'Les Miserables', in Margaret Hall's moving portrait.

March 2: A tale of two female firsts, looking at Harriet Goodhue Hosmer's sculpture of the mischevious 'Puck' from Shakespeare's 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and a bust of American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow by Hosmer's pupil Edmonia Lewis.

March 3: Two paintings by women about women and love - Sophie Anderson's 'Elaine', the beauty jilted by Sir Launcelot, and 'Ophelia' from Shakespeare's 'Hamlet' by Henrietta Rae.

Dr. Laura MacCulloch also features in a new podcast produced by Seven Streets. It highlights some of her personal favourites from the Walker's permanent collection.

Running from March 1-3, LiveRead 2011 is the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo's online literature festival. A celebration of Liverpool writing, it features videos, podcasts, live interviews, competitions and more, encompassing the work of best-selling authors such as Stephen Baxter and Willy Russell, amateur writers dreaming of a publishing contract and people who write purely for pleasure and never expect to see it in print.