Liverpool and the American Civil War

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 This week sees the anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War on 12th April 1861.  At first glance not a topic that has much to do with Liverpool.  However, because of the economic and global environment of the time, especially the importance to Great Britain of cotton, Liverpool played a major role in the conflict.I spoke recently to BBC Radio Merseyside about some of our collections that reveal the story of Liverpool and the American Civil War.  A lot of what I spoke about can be seen on our online exhibitions on our website or the original documents can be viewed during the public open days at the Archives Centre.  It really is a fascinating story involving battleships, spies and financial intrigue.  I am waiting for the day someone decides to make a multi series, high production value, TV show about it.

Lead image:  One of our rare photographs taken on board the Liverpool built Confederate ship Alabama, 1863.