From Liverpool to Chile

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Launched the same year as the Titanic, but with a considerably longer working life, this photograph is of the launch of the tug Poderoso built by Grayson & Company in Liverpool in 1911.  The tug left Liverpool that year for Chile and worked there until 1988.  John Winrow, Assistant Curator at the Maritime Archives & Library, who found the image while listing a box of photographs, discovered that the vessel is moored in Talcahuano, Chile.  In recognition of its long service the Poderoso is now a National Monument with an organisation dedicated to preserving it.  However, while looking at their website we discovered that unfortunately, not long after its restoration was finished, the Poderoso was heavily damaged, turned on its side no less, by a tsunami following an earthquake last year.  We sent a digital copy of the photograph to the Poderoso preservation society, who have used it in their most recent newsletter, and we wish them well in their continuing efforts to preserve this lovely hard working vessel.
Lead image: Launch of the tug Poderoso, Grayson Shipyard, Liverpool (reference PR585)