Liverpool in Cinema

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Cinema illustration Liverpool in Cinema The Liverpool Small Cinema is hosting a two day programme of screenings and discussions this weekend, which ask us to think about Liverpool old and new through film. Organiser Bethany Slinn from House of Film tells us a bit more about it: "When we were first thinking about this event we came to look round ‘Reel Stories’ and were struck by all of the film production that had taken place in Liverpool, and how important cinema has always been to Liverpool’s identity. I watched a series of interviews of people recalling their trips to the cinema throughout their youth with joy and thought about how important cinema has always been in bringing people together. It’s not just the films themselves but the tradition of group watching that is valuable and worth holding on to. "Archive and documentary film are a way of preserving real human stories, real events, and sections of Liverpool’s past. These memories and these stories are a vital part of Liverpool’s identity today and now. Through exhibiting these films, I hope not only to keep these stories alive but to encourage audiences to take things from them which can be applied to Liverpool today. " The films: Saturday   2pm-7pm (audiences are welcome to drop in and out) Two pieces of archive footage ‘Recreation’ and ‘Resistance’: looking back at how Liverpool protested and played throughout the 20th century. Film poster Of Time and the City, original film poster on display in Reel Stories at Museum of Liverpool. Poster design John McGill, photograph by Bernard Fallon Sunday 6pm-8pm Screening of Terence Davies’ ‘Of Time and the City’: the director’s ode to Liverpool. 'Reel Stories: Liverpool and the Silver Screen' runs at the Museum of Liverpool until September 2017.