Liverpool - port of cultures

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map of the world showing routes from Liverpool

Liverpool’s Ocean Steamship Services map, pre 1922

I can never resist a nice map. I could easily spend hours poring over them, finding all the places I've been to (which doesn't actually take very long) and all the places I want to explore (a much longer list).

One of the factors that has made Liverpool the place it is today is that over the years a lot of Liverpool people have taken advantage of the opportunities offered by the port and have travelled all over the world. At the same time, the city has also welcomed many visitors from these exciting far off lands through the port.

A new temporary display from the collections of the Maritime Archive and Library, Liverpool - port of cultures, features photographs and documents showing how all this travel has brought a huge variety of cultural influences to the city from all over the world. It includes the map shown above and you can also zoom into the map on the website for a closer look, which could be handy if you're planning a world cruise - or just dreaming of one like I am.