A Liverpool Ship

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Ship plan from The shipbuilder brochure

Ship plan from The Shipbuilder brochure. Copyright IMarEst

This week I am working on the content for the Titanic and Liverpool:the untold story exhibition which opens March 2012. I am mainly focusing on an interactive touch screen which will allow visitors to explore the layout of Titanic. In the Merseyside Maritime Museum archives and library collection is The White Star- Olympic and Titanic summer brochure of 1911, which was published by The Shipbuilder. This edition features many illustrations for both vessels including a very detailed plan of the ships. I am always taken back by the variety of cabins designed and fitted out. The technical detail of the plans is very impressive. The leisure facilities available such as a library, gym, sauna and swimming pool, which were only available for first class passengers.

Titanic was very much a Liverpool ship in many ways, one being the Liverpool firms which were regular contractors to the White Star Line. For example, Thomas Utleys and Company were the brass founders of Silverdale Avenue, Tuebrook who made over 1200 port holes for each ship and the three main bells. Titanic's flag was made by W Jones and Son flagmakers of Bath Street, Liverpool. These are only examples of the many local firms involved in Titanic's fit out. Dr Alan Scarth's book Titanic and Liverpool offers a fascinating insight into the stories that link Titanic and its home port.

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